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Finale Song song lyrics are written by Big Lez Show

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Selected song name: Finale Song
Singer Name: Big Lez Show
Lyrics written by: Big Lez Show

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Going around f**king Browntown town
F**king around, f**king singing about
Mm-hmm! Mmm!
It's a pretty good town, mate

Sas mate came up to me and he says
"Wanna go fishing, Lez?"
And I said "You know what?"
"Why not?"

So we popped down the jetty
F**king hopped in the tinnie
Started up the c**t
And off we went

Was about noon
Was a f**king good day for it, mate

Sas mate rolled a big f**king doob
Of some skitz sh*t that he grew
And f**king oath, c**t
Can smell it from here

Hasn’t even f**king lit it yet

So Sas Mate lit the doobscun
Took a great big draw
Kind that'll make your f**king throat sore
Then he pa**ed it to me

I took a great big f**king toke
And f**king oath, c**t, it made me choke
And f**king hell, mate, I got so high
Thought I was gonna die

Then I said to Sas Mate
"Can we go shore?"
And he said "Sure, mate!"
"What for?"

Said "I need to hang a f**king bush poo,"
He said "Mate, go do what you gotta do,"
And I said "Mmm, f**k yeah,"
"F**king oath"

So I’m squatting in the f**king bush
Still stoned off Sas Mate's kush
And I'm pumping out this great big bog
F**king size of a log

Mmm, hmm-hm! Mmm

So Sas Mate's still fishing
Catching brim
There's no leaves around to wipe my a**
Gotta go for a swim... C**t