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Selected song name: Flushing
Singer Name: Grizzy
Lyrics written by: Grizzy

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Warming it up like the first spray of spring time sunshine
Mesmerize y'all with one line
Sitting back, flashback, zipping up my backpack
Never looking back as I leave the hallway
Yeah cause it's Friday it's my day
And hopefully everything will go my way
Troop down to play some ball at the park
And we're putting shots up till it gets dark
I had hoop dreams but lacked the incentive
Why did Air Jordans have to be so expensive
Rather cop some Starberrys or McFlurries
Troop over to McD's hanging with my crew
Like a buncha chimpanzees
Thinking we were YGs
Sipping on Arnold Palmer iced teas
And rocking white tees
Never sparking phillies
More concerned with popping wheelies
And copping CDs
Started with the Beasties
Graduated to Nasir
Now I'm putting mad flavor in your ear
Shoutout to those days, months, and years
Blood, sweat, and tears
Standing out from all our peers
Facing our biggest fears
The white suburban night in sight
And fight with what I write
Except when I hold you tight
Everything's gonna be alright
So chill no need for a fight
Yo and feel me flow
I got time on my hands like Tim Tebow
And I'm not gonna waste it on my ego
We all exist here as one people
So reminisce for a second just go

Rolling up with my homies to the crib around five
Grab a drink to cool off yo I'm burning her alive
But I gotta survive, jump up out the hive
And I threw my car into drive, now I'm cruising
Whipping round the way
Can't believe its such a wonderful day
Look out my window and I see the kids at play
Arrive at the spot not a minute too late
My nose with the scent of a sizzling steak
Now I'm tearing through the yard like a ravenous rake
I'm kicking back it's the time to relax
Just open up and find yourself through these rhymes and this track
Feel free, float away on a cloud
Let the beat pulsate like the heat of the crowd
Carry on being you without a care in the world
Find yourself in the arms of a beautiful girl
Because it's a wonderful day, turning on the night
And the vibes I'm putting out gotchu feeling all right
Forget the pressure, let her go take care of you
And boy I swear I cannot too
Counting that money that paid
Coming from the head of state
Kids wanna see me but I'm just okay
Alright, let the homies out spit it

Who that? It's E da Buddha
Cool cat with the true facts
Spinning off the roof raps
Skiing off the proof alps
Find him anywhere that's
Boston to Jamaica
P*ssing on the haters
Fighting off invaders
Beat incarcerator
With his voice he tames Earth
Flying from the ashes like the flame bird
Paradoxical nerd
Word incarcerator
Freezing all the lame herds
Heard it from the same verse
Slow ejaculator
Flowing calculator
Growing all my paper
Been up on my pager
Rocking all these suede shirts
Vegetarianer I don't need a dictionayer
Telling all your neighbors
Tearing all the layers
Put it in the labor
I'm the monopoly player
Monotone slayer
Monocled persuader
Monarchal evader
I stay centered like equator
Speak and leave a crater
Got the force in saber
Walk creating quakes imaginary truth crusader
Buddha is the savior

Made her a proper proposition
We just keep a tight boat to ship out
Shipping costs are through the roof
Held hostage by the thought of the truth
The thought of you leaves me sunny days
Rainy rays go away
Till the next weekend when the seasons change
But still the pain of losing reason is as clear and present as treason
Still the beat feeds into seas
Easy on the low, stay high in the blue sky
School tries to move my inhibitions away
You're the most impulsive thought I've experienced today
Bound to stay gracious for the love of glove and tackle
Bait maxed out at the top weight
Circling eaglehawk attack a riverfish
One word, name it that, no rules
Only kids allowed in the Sacred Wat, Angkor
Drop an honest Han Solo sonnet
Cheese dog with the large chocolate