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Selected song name: For My Brothers
Singer Name: Juls
Lyrics written by: Juls

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They say that this won't take us to the Grammys and the Oscars
But shun the Oscars and the Grammys this is for my brothers
Make we, make we
About the borders we go break down and providing for our mothers

Our side of the globe, unless you cutting corners
Then noko fio you go get check like you be jobless, but
We for,
Why the wake?
Because this be the same place them born Dangote
Plenty people for my side, they want aburokyire
Sika nti I disagree but what I go say?
Dem dey,
About better days
In a better place
That they may never face
I dey enter mega places but
Before this rhyming I was perfecting The Shinning whiles making photocopies
But I,
About the day I go rock clouds
Stage I go rock paa and walk out

Just note this
I wrote this
So you go soak it, quote it and notice
That hope is
Everything you ever need to,
Cos you can run this globe
If you believe in yourself
But you don't hear me though
All you know is letting the naysayers get to you
Tell you the things you no fit do
So you forget you go fit to,
Like MLK gye wo ho di one day you go drive
ML e no dey cost o my brother
And if you lost hope make you no go stop another
Allow him to walk around and,
About the things e dey need
Give him years to work it out and then you go see