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Selected song name: Fredo 2X
Singer Name: G Fredo
Lyrics written by: G Fredo

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Wanna see how quick i make a 30 disappear
Gimme the drop then that n***a dat shot trouble gon be layin on his block dead
Head cracked
Bet you he won’t survive from a head tap
Bend dat sh*t again and again they like Fredo did dat
Sick and tired of hearin rumours how they gettin me bet you they sick of me coz i move wid a stick wid me
Go ask dem how many times dem n***as tried to get rid of me
And how much times i slammed at whoever they sent to get wid me

Frеdo 2x i hit they block and im bendin dat sh*t a few timеs
Jump out wid 2 Glocks better bring yo own coz you can’t shoot mine
Overkill slam it at his head and watch his soda spill
Free smoke for all de new opps we leave em lookin like road kill
So let em tweak slam so much shots somebody gon run over him
But not before we stand over him
Clock em in his face n***a we don’t show no remorse for dem
Flip de 8 my shotta gon attack i go to war for dem

Those ain’t just shottas you won’t give a n***a smoke for dem
My shotta fresh off a ep he already try and go again
Ain’t even wear a mask he wanted em to know its him
Tweakin on they a** yo hitta got smoked smokin in a whip
Ain’t dat a b*t*h the other goofy got smoked like his friend
They wanted war we gave em war it is what it is
B*t*h we at the block we got dem sticks but nobody spins
And dats coz n***as ain’t on sh*t don’t rap what they live
They steady sayin fredo this or fredo he this
But they can’t say fredo a b*t*h or fredo a snitch
Ain’t got no rec to catch on this they know what it is
2x tweakin on em might let out his demons on em
Go and ask dat sucker what happened when he tried creepin on em
Up the 40 and started squeezin on him
But he a b*t*h ion even know why im speakin on him
2x creepin on him he won’t ever let him see em comin