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Free Drose Freestyle song lyrics are written by Edai

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Selected song name: Free Drose Freestyle
Singer Name: Edai
Lyrics written by: Edai

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You might wear same shoes but you ain't no stepper
Ay, I never send no shots, just put it on
Let me bring compresser this gon' take a second
I can teach you a thing a you wanna a lesson
I shake up a almost checked
They don't gotta like it but you know they gon' respect it
Ay, who they catched? somebody in a flexer
My homie got this forty but we still got illegal weapons
Jump in that water, gon'
Twelve got behind the Cat, you know they a** can't catch us
N***a I trap but that fraud sh*t be extras
B*t*h I'm chasin' two bags, you n***as playin' catch up
Two things nevеr seen you a foe or hoe on go
He just likе my son I had to go wipe his nose
And it's time for that pressure hoe, know what the f**k you froze
I just popped a hoe, make the b*t*h take off her closet
I just made some rolls but I take that sh*t to go
I wonder why my opps tried that fake sh*t to Moes
I wonder why they stop n***a, drop n***a, shots hit you
You askin' all them questions when no
Get the f**k away n***a, I ain't with you
Naw, you ain't my dawg if I ain't cop with you
N***a you still out here 'cause we ain't tryna get you
Foenem looking for the opps, well I shockin' with you
Blick out the blick, we got switch you know we get it
How the f**k these n***as turn up off the sh*t I started
I just popped a jigga now I in this b*t*h retarded
I just f**ked a b*t*h off the then I harded
I'm from the six, yeah I'm lit, b*t*h I'm started it
B*t*h I'm off the sh*ts I got my blick in the party
Ay, I rock with them Moes now I'm on Folly
Free my n***a D.Rose he didn't even do that body

Free my boy, gang