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*continues after end of "Follow Me"*

Yo yo yo yo man, no blackin out youknowmsayin
Watch the funky roll, my man Rhino got it locked from this side
Yo it's definitely a party goin on, youknowmsayin
BCC, everyday all day

Now when you come through the door, what do you see?
The Representatives for the BCC
When you come through the door, what do you see?
Rockness Monsta, Mista S-T-R-A-N-G
When you come through the door, what do you see?
MS and Smokey Lah wit the twenty sack of weed
Yo when you come to the door, what do you see?
Tall Sean wit my man Swann, the buddah junkie
When you come through the door, what do you see?
Lidu Rock, Twany Ranks, and D-O-G
If you come through the door, what do you see?

The Representatives for the BCC
Aiyyo, aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo
Um yeah, yo let's do this, stop that
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Aiyyo introducin my B-double-O
We worldwide mothaf**kers, better act like they know
All y'all heads out there can't see our flow
Starang and Rock always represent the dreads and fros

Starang Wondah, pa** me a large order of that thunda
Scared MC's bound to run and pull fall up under

Fake n***as always snap like branches
Step into my crew, mothaf**ker take your chances

So you're a Gambler, ain't your name ain't Trigga then don't risk it
In '97, Louieville will still pack the biscuit
While I be lifted, you riff kid, we get the bumpin
I'll beat your a** like your pops or you stole something

Knowin damn well you shouldn't have tooken that
Yo what the f**k y'all lookin at?
Let me ask a question, Rock where the f**k is Brooklyn at?
Got my n***a Funkmaster Flex always hookin that

Hold up son, let me show these n***as how a crooker act
Straight up down right disrespectful
Load the clip, bust lead to your head like Buck, Steele, and Tek do
Step to Rock man, listen you'll get lifted
Like my toilet seat when I'm p*ssin

You know that's why I blow wit my Magnum Force
Cuz when I lay a n***a out, they come and drag em off
Yo them boys ain't got no remorse
I take a hit of my Bob Marley spliff and cough

In-tro-ducin, my B-double-Oooooo
Worldwide, n***as better act like they know, one time
All y'all heads out there can't see our flow
Oh, Starangy, S-three-0-0
Word up word up word up word up

On the First Day of Dissmas, my b*t*h gave to me
Two condoms and a bag of sensee
On the Second Day, guess what the b*t*h said
"Ruck come to my house" cuz in her mouth, she want my head
On the Third Day, yo I heard she was frontin
Drinkin Balentine Ale's, forties, and smokin on the blunts an'
On the Fourth Day, yo she cold did some other
Sh*t, made a brotha flip when I discover
On the Fifth Day, I heard she switched gay
Pulled out my switch blade, ich b*t*h is ix nae
On the Sixth Day, have her wit police
Wit the frank and ? ? ? swarm baptise

On the seventh day of Dissmas
I had a dream, it was Foxy Brown and Kim the mistress on my team
Now in this dream I'm the biggest baller of them all
Cuz I got the top-selling rap chicks on call
Kimmy showed em too that she could freak the most
But Na Na stay bathin me wit ?
Now it came to be that I was drivin both of them broke
Between the things I had em drinkin and my habit to smoke
Wit they points and they publishing, no rubbishing
Dem keys that's coming from Tiawana
Is supporting my gambling, more marijuana
As I expected, we bump confrontation
Flex called and said that I should come to the station
When I got there Kim is like
Foxy comin towards me, lips describin frustration

Man I got my a** up outta the sleep
Obviously, the Eighth Day when I woke up
Went to Brownsville and got wit my n***a Big Ruck

On the Ninth and the Tenth Day, my b*t*h had her period
Grabbed the cold cream, jacked off something serious
On the Eleventh, told her things to do to my c*ck
Said call her on the Twelfth cuz she got the red spot

Yae's just arriving off the flight from Atlanta
MS and Smokey Lah, ha ha, word up
You don't wanna f**k wit Smoke Dog

You don't wanna f**k wit MS

It's Man-Slaughter
Comin through, bout to take it to the streets
Word it be

MS and Smokey Lah the spot, sow a knot
Blow em when we reppin Magnum Force
Got the front line ready to grab weapons
I heat scenes like a desert for the 9-7
Ruck and Rock loaned me the Glock to buck shots at the reverand
To clear minds, we about to rush like adrenaline
For those who's pretending in, this game we gon' end it
Wit a bang, ease back, squeeze gats if you're fragile
I leave em clueless like Flight 800 when I crash you

I was told, the dub starts at ten-ish
Open bar might chill women
To come and get my boogie on Big Flex Dog is spinnin
Form guerilla hands to pick me up by eight
It was a sweet night, the weed gates don't stay open late
Check my bank roll, remove the tints
? is pet charm, proceeded to pick Tyson up on Palmetto
Bounced out the Q, scanned the blocks on both aves
Got too much on the line, can't get pinched by crabs
Jail and money not mix like ?Udibidy jays?
And White America hates to see a black man pay
Cuz the streets change like weed grains
And n***as actin strange
Bein easily blinded by fortune and fame

*Reggae chanting for 34 secs*

Cuz in the projects man, you got to watch where you walkin
It's time for some action, yo this rep don't talk
I get the stalkin, bulldose those who oppose my Camp
Commando's like Rambo's we lynch yo' hood then lamp

Dem no like we and we no like dem
We have no enemy and we have no friend
Come again, potna one for session
Funkmaster Flex will keep the wheel-as spinnin

Cuz we winnin, so f**k a dresscode, n***a I explode
And release the dark clouds like them Ressies from down the south
No, now don't give a , Lidu Rock is there if you need me
This Representative got your back, can you see me

On your TV's and your cd's, you can see three
Individuals bringin nature to your table
See my vide-o runnin on your daily cable
Station, BCC runnin through your nation

On your host down set, we gets biz and keep you jumpin
Lidu Rock, Twanny Ranks, and D-O-G so stop frontin
My BCC come wit that sh*t that's steady bumpin
Lidu Rock, Twanny Ranks, and D-O-G so stop frontin
We don't need it, we don't need it
All I really wanna do is stay weeded
We don't need it, we don't need it
All I really wanna do is stay weeded