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Ft. You song lyrics are written by Bobby Brown

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Selected song name: Ft. You
Singer Name: Bobby Brown
Lyrics written by: Bobby Brown

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Welcome to my b*t*hes, now! Ayy ayy ayy ayy
Yuh, yuh, ayy, ayy
Everybody hands up!

Girl, want my heart? I ain't really derserving this
You think this is a TV show, but I think this is home, slick
Haters think I can't dance
But they are so wrong
Open your mouth
You see my speech is all long
I grabbed the mic', and see my house
I'm screaming while I'm heatin' out
Lost in my mind, and inside my freaking doubt
God knows what he is doin' out

Yo, I'm about to diss on the haters
Rockstar, they have no flavors
Counting blessings up, gators
Aye, but we see y'all later

All I need is you baby in switching ways
Leave my money on the table leaping, aye
Cause I miss him shawty aye
I'm lost and getting screwed up aye
Front of my car what that sh*t hit, aye
I love God, don't know what's wrong
Cause I seen you been out all long

They say, I'm hating, but they talking to the wronf dude
They say I'm not cool
Baby let's do it right
Baby let's do it right
Aye, I never be that cruel at night

Aye yuh