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Fuck a Ex song lyrics are written by JamesTooCold, Es Alboogiee, Neekowe, & Es Och

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Selected song name: Fuck a Ex
Singer Name: JamesTooCold, Es Alboogiee, Neekowe, & Es Och
Lyrics written by: JamesTooCold, Es Alboogiee, Neekowe, & Es Och

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B*t*h you used to say I'm no good
Now too cold name poppin even in yo hood
Catch yo n***a I'm knocking Ion see no wood
I'm like a knight with this pole swear I don't know suge
Type of b*t*h that be talking behind her n***a back
But I was stuck on this b*t*h so I wasn't hearing that
Oh he want smoke like a bong but ain't no clearing that
You chose a op yeah you lost ain't no steering back
I pull up with this .40 but it's gon sit his a**
Broke bum a** n***a he need to get some cash
You always talking bout action that sh*t just make me laugh
Ain't even good in yo section lil n***a do the math
This b*t*h say it ain't mine like it's gon make me sad
Aye b*t*h you dirty as f**k and my new b*t*h is bad
And if I see yo a** walkin b*t*h I'ma do the dash
And if I seen b*t*hes on you I'ma let them whoop yo a**
Gon call me yo first love and sh*t
Better ask James how he feel I'm just like f**k this b*t*h
Aye, Ex b*t*hes be the reason I can't trust a b*t*h
Huh, Had a b*t*h all in my bed know where my people's live
I was loyal to this b*t*h I could've f**ked her friends
I'm going up like a tower you possed to be my twin
And when I sign my record deal you possed to help me spend
And now if yo a** become homeless I wouldn't give you a cent
And if you dehydrated I wouldn't give you no spit
B*t*h I thought I was too cold you did me cold as sh*t
You wanna send some screenshots oh b*t*h you bold as sh*t
I ain't the n***a f**k around and just expose the b*t*h
N***a had yo back and trusting me while you trusting him
Pregnant b*t*h damn f**k on me while you f**k with him
Almost squabbled up with yo n***a but he a f**king wimp
Monkey clip hanging out the choppa for a f**king chimp

My ex b*t*hes be the ones why I can't trust a b*t*h
Square b*t*h chose up on some sucka sh*t
I almost socked yo n***a out but he a busta b*t*h
My uncle raised me to never be a busted n***a
F**k that b*t*h I bet I better get another one
I treat these b*t*hes like my blower I got another gun
Yeah, These n***as say a n***a no good
Now I'm in these trenches with this b*t*hes we smoking on good

Aye, you ain't no good b*t*h
I'm finna f**k all yo home girls from yo hood b*t*h
You couldn't expose a real n***a and even if you could b*t*h
Before you press my I'm sitting around wishing that you would b*t*h
And you did that
Now I'ma need you to sit back
I know you hate that b*t*h so I went and got my old b*t*h back
You petty with my traps you need to bring my old lick back
Right now I'm fighting on not calling a b*t*h to come get you b*t*h slapped
B*t*h I been back
Huh, f**k you been at
All that sneaking and geeking through the weekend I ain't with that
I been, peeping your secrets when I said f**k you b*t*h I meant that
I was flirting with b*t*hes you was f**king n***as for get back
You a nasty hoe
Yeah, my ways is back to old
Better hope I don't see your friend or I'm snatching souls
Before another n***a say he f**ked my b*t*h I done pa**ed the hoe
Acting slow
You need to match my loyalty b*t*h f**k matching clothes
I hate you b*t*h I don't know why I tried to save you
You made me give up all my player ways I should've played you
I pray for the next n***a comin round tryna date you
B*t*h I could expose better stop acting like I ain't make you
I can't believe I was faithful I'm the wrong n***a to play with
Aye, now I'ma f**k all the b*t*hes I know you hang with
Big ungrateful a**, stubborn a** beyonce playing like you heart broken
B*t*h you ain't sh*t but impatient
Now I'm a house hold name and I know you hate it you f**king bum neekowe the one that brought his gun yeah
Dun dun dun
Bow wow nick cannon in the drum going f**king dumb
Better hope I don't see yo n***a cause I'ma f**k him up
You really had a n***a out here looking dumb like a f**king punk
I knew I should've had my sisters come whoop yo a** when I told her bout you
I knew I should've listened when Och told me he heard about
B*t*h you's a doo doo mamma that's on the set b*t*h I'm cool without

That b*t*h was prayin on my downfall she dropped her drawls I scooped her up just like a ground ball
B*t*h I'm really out the dirt just like a ground hog
Snap crackle pop and now I'm swervin in the Jaguar
James and neekowe trippin I'm just making sure they stand tall
N***a f**k my b*t*h I swear I plotted on his grandma
I hit his main b*t*h and hit a second round call
B*t*h I fell the only thing that you can down tall
Wait hol up how you say you love me but you across the track
B*t*h it could've been me and you goin across that map
Sh*t I was finna get you tatted all up on my back
Sh*t you know I'm super silent now I'm with a rat
I been drippin in designer now I'm flippin packs
Heard her ex n***a want problems we gon double back
He ain't really with the squabble we gon bring a strap
Y'all been ready for the drama ain't no typa cap
Yeah I'm mister make her walk but she left me walkin
Had a n***a all in his feelings had a n***a stalkin
Quit the barkin
Pull up to the scene and I'ma get to sparkin
Forget you, inhale on this gas just like a n***a farted
Quick to fall in love that's why these b*t*hes all be easy targets
Keep that sh*t a dub I should've played you when the journey started
You was tryna ride a n***a wave just like you was on a Harley
I know you miss the d**k I had yo a** really going gnarly

You need a n***a that's dope well I'm the dopest n***a
Yeah I'm the dopest n***a
You want a n***a that's broke well I'm the brokest n***a
I know the game like the coach I'm now in yo division
And I ain't nothing like yo n***a I say I'm colder than him
Yeah I swear I'm colder than him

Aye, while I was up staying and laying b*t*h you was with that playin
What you sayin supposed to uplift me but you just left me hangin
Getting famous now people know me and you gon miss this greatness
Too cold b*t*h Mr. or Mr. goodness gracious
I've been sippin I've been trippin and I've been losin patience
Know you slippin when you throw it I catch it like the ravens
He can't hit it know you miss it but now I'm really painless
F**k you b*t*h we ain't cool it ain't no relations

You big dumb a** b*t*h while I was working you was doin you
Then gon have the nerve to say that you thought I cheated too
The sh*t yo a** put me through I should be bleeding you
Instead I'ma blow cause I know you don't wanna see me boom
And all them punk a** lies that I know yo homies was feedin you
And you believed it too and I know yo a** ain't even see no proof
Crazy cause I thought you was beautiful you look like beetle juice
And now I'm piecin you on this beef with you

F**k a b*t*h they ain't good for nothing but f**king and brain
I had to hop up out my feelings and hop in the range
This b*t*h was supposed to bring me love all she brought me was pain
That b*t*h was f**king on my brother so I had to go change
I went and f**ked up on er cousin and bought her a chain
That b*t*h was out here doing the most so I'm doing the same
I hit the b*t*h and then I'm ghost I tote cash for the game
F**k a b*t*h and f**k a ex I'ma treat em the same