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Fugue 2 / Song Of Daedalus song lyrics are written by Joe Jackson

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Selected song name: Fugue 2 / Song Of Daedalus
Singer Name: Joe Jackson
Lyrics written by: Joe Jackson

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Call me cool as January
I walk like the breeze
And wear the world like filigree

Call me too large for life
That's only sticks and stones
I'm standing so tall
It seems that I've grown

Call me irresponsible
Your rules of the game
Are only clouds to float above

Call me, let's do lunch
When I get time for girls
I'm working on things
To astonish the world

Call me weird and laugh at me
I tell you it's true
I've found a cure for Gravity

Call me mad as March
High as in Hogmanay
Just watch me and weep
I'm out of this maze
See the wings made of feathers, of wax and of thread
See me soar high above all the quick and the dead

Call me now
Call me Stars and Moon and Plough
Call me Lord, call me Sire
Call me Earth and Wind and Fire
Call me Judge, call me Shah
Call me King, call me Tsar