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Selected song name: Get Weird
Singer Name: G-Mo Skee
Lyrics written by: G-Mo Skee

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They keep swinging tryna knock me off my pedestal
You're talking to the general
I'm chopping up the medical
A zombie in a centerfold
I c*ck it then I let it go
A posse full of clever folk
Stop it you were never dope
See me in a leather coat
Swag on a billion
Pockets filled with chronic and a bag full of Ritalin
Your name should be Jillian
Quit acting like a female
Ravaging these rappers watch me map it out in detail
They need bail because they're stuck behind the bars
Twist a dutch in a cigar
You here to rumble in the yard
Keep it humble 'round the guard
Stuff the duffle full of crops
Nothing's touching what we got
Find us rushing in your spot
Son I'm coming for the top
So I'm bumping up the shocks
Y'all are frontin' like a prop
Under covers like a cop
You'll get summoned by my plot
They would love to see me stop till I buck 'em with a shot
Motherf**kers gettin' dropped

Can't tell me nothing
I'm stubborn and I'm self destructive
Don't front
He won't jump for what's held above him
What a weirdo
Hoppin' crooked-footed with a steel toe
Chopping booger sugar till the mirror broke
Gla**y eyes and a pedophile stache
I'm a happy guy who pa**ersby never smile back at
Farfegnugen while I'm barfing and puking
He's a frickin' lame
Either spittin' game or target shooting
Gideons hate
I'm ripping pages out the Bible just to blaze a spiff
The faded gimp with the rapist wit
Opinionated, picking favorites
Cats try and bite my style and finna claim that I ain't flavorish?
Pus drain from my p*n*s head
Blood stains on my cleanest threads
Ac, I need my meds stat!
Added a special ingredient to the recipe
Been eating amphetamines screaming "everything's meaningless!"
A celestial being with a head full of freaky sh*t
Wrestling demons, I'm a sexual deviant
I beat my d**k like it owes me money
It's a fever pitch
Leaking sweat but my nose is runny
Either going through withdrawals
Or pulling a rickshaw
Smoking a spliff
Cough toss the roach on the clip
I hit it till it's paper
The illegitimate village idiot exhibiting some sinister behavior lately

I spit it pretty weird with the f**king Palmer Squares
Nuts like Britney Spears when she shaved all her hair
I give her head ma**ages with nitroglycerin
Now her sh*t is shining like a motherf**king crystal ball
Man I live on the same block as Jimmy Bones
But I'm still the most infamous n***a the city's known
I tell a fat thirsty b*t*h to come give me dome
Then finger f**k her and pull out a couple kidney stones
My skin's like a turtle shell and it's a b*t*h to break
All the bullets you shot are failing to penetrate
F**k what you bench
It's irrelevant if you lifting weights
Cause one punch will make your skeleton liquidate
N***as say Geronimo got caught f**king a donkey in Tijuana so he's locked in Guantanamo
I would remind you not to f**k with me but you already oughta know I'll put you in a box like AWESOM-O
I'm f**king monstrous
I'll stab you with a Caribbean pufferfish
Poison you and let your a** suffer b*t*h
I'm always looking for new weapons to smother with
It's not a strange music disc when you get your brother lynched
I'm stuffing body ligaments in a cold fridge
Then throwing them in the yard full of starved a**** pigs
They tried to fry me but the lie detector test came back negative
Just like the forensic results did

I'm a weirdo
Take a paper clip to a clear hole
Ac raid your fridge like "where'd all the beer go?"
Hear no evil don't speak none either
But I see some people in sheer domineer mode
Nasty as a post-op tranny with a nose job standing on a soapbox slamming a Patrón shot
I puff weed and cut speed like a road block
Oh goddamn we gettin' wacky with the flow now!
Lost in a maze of my fraudulent ways
Washing your brains like cloth when it stains
Got a naughty a** broad uncrossing her legs
See I'm a saucier serving up sausage and eggs
My girl sell seashells by the seashore
A pet**e ho
High heels and a pea coat
Swing low sweet chariot
Carry me home
Heat roll, twirling L's up with G-Mo
The omnivores with empty pockets at the dollar store
Live and let die
Word is bond like Roger Moore
I drop a lure and feel a nibble on my line
But I got bigger fish to fry cooking Tilapia with olive oil
Hotter than a pot of boiling water
I'm a flower sprouting from the potted soil
Another shot and then I'm out the door
Yeah I'm bouncin'
I'll see you where the gra** is greener
Acid dreaming y'all from here to Pasadena