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Selected song name: Girl Scout
Singer Name: Eddie Perfect
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This is it
The day I've been waiting for
Wishing, hoping, working, and praying for
The day my parents have been delaying for years
Ooh, I’m gonna sell some cookies

It's not their fault that they're overprotective
I was born with arrhythmia
My heart is defective
Only takes one shock and I could be dead from the fear
Still, I’m gonna sell some cookies

Hike by hike
Song by song
The Girl Scouts helped my heart grow strong
They'd have my back if anything went wrong with me

Jamborees, soda pop
Distract me from the fact that my heart could stop
From tetralogy of Fallot in my pulmonary artery!

When you're a Girl Scout
Everything's gonna work out
Even if you're born with congenital heart disease
And you could be killed by a random sneeze
You're a Girl Scout
Everything's gonna work out
Just gonna ring the bell of this creepy looking house

Hello, little girl

Oh, um, yes, um, hi
My name is Sky
And I'm here today to support the Girl Scouts by selling cookies
Four dollars a box
Would you like some?



What flavours you got?

I’ve got chocolate, banana
And oat bran, pecan
Samoas and thin mints
And one that tastes like apple pie

Why don’t you come inside?

Well, we're really not supposed to



But it’s so cold
And you're not mean
And no one gets molested by a gothy teen
So I guess, okay, it's fine


Alright, I'll come inside

It’s so dark in here

Is it? I hadn't noticed

Okay... well...
Maybe I should come back another time when your parents are home?