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Selected song name: Girl’s Night Out! (From Isekai Quartet ED)
Singer Name: Elsie Lovelock
Lyrics written by: Elsie Lovelock

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Everyone! I was thinking; there's something I really would like to try with you all
And what is that?
It might be fun for all of us to have some tea and just get to know one another
Oh, heck yeah! That sounds like a "girl's night out!"
I don't know if we could be considered like normal girls actually
It sounds interesting. Let's try this "girl's night out!"
Sure, though I should at least prepare some of my finest chocolate
That sounds awesome! I can't wait to try!
By the way...
Um, what exactly is a girl's night out?

There's too much chatter! I don't get what's going on
I'm clueless here, but I'll just wing it and pretend to just play along
I'm not experienced enough to really know how to proceed
Starting from zero, let's focus all our powers to succeed

A half-elf demon, young girl, and goddess; This is freaking bizarre!
There doesn't seem to be a way out so it looks like it's a standoff
This is getting too strange
All of us can simply say
Why not just get along and enjoy ourselves in this world together?

We're stuck in this place somehow, but let's not worry for now
The future of our world's is safe as far as we know
Let's stay calm and just have a good time
Eating delicious treats to get by

These times are all about fun
Sharing our secrets and loves
With one another is what makes it a "girl's night out!"
It's not so bad so let's give this a try
Maybe we can plan this every night?

I guess we will see you all next time
Bye, bye!