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Go On Girl song lyrics are written by Big Daddy Kane

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Selected song name: Go On Girl
Singer Name: Big Daddy Kane
Lyrics written by: Big Daddy Kane

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We're back once again by popular demand
It's '87 y'all so no more Roxanne
Just an everlasting name on some tapes that playing
I let the new jacks reign but now I'm here to retain
What's rightfully mine and I think that you'll find
That if it's not Shante it's not genuine
I'm smart, intelligent, tasteful, and elegant
Deem all you female emcees to be irrelevant
I make a large amount of rhymes up per day
And when I finish, go check the survey
To see who's pumping and I'm on top
Becausе when I start rapping, I rock nonstop
Throwing def rhymes at you, silеnt as a statue
Daze, amaze, you will praise, and be infatuated
Some hate it but I don't care
It doesn't matter 'cause you looking at a queen, my dear

The supreme highness almighty know-the-topic exponent
My groove gets better and better now, don't it?
Just like a jumbo, people fiend
Study and try to copy off the queen
So as quick as I write 'em, go and try to bite 'em
So I can knock you out the box with another item
A wonderful facility for rhyming with agility
You think that you can get with me? When will it be?
I'm a super heroine like Isis
And when I'm in a battle I cause the greatest crisis
Realm of the queen, you know the routine
The flyest of them all is on the scene, you know what I mean
I got a role, no other girls can portray
And if you want to describe me this is what you say
"Sexy, devastating, awesome and precious"
Some girls are fresh but Shante's the freshest
So what you know, y'all bust the show
Pay attention, listen, watch the girl go

Well here's another chapter and I have to
Release another bomb as quick as I grab the
M-I-C then I'll be straight
'Cause I'ma use the microphone as bait
For other female MC's, so what you gonna do to this?
You may be older than me but you're new to this
'Cause I been out there Queen of Emcees
When your man was walking 'round in mocknecks and Lee's
While you were over here perpetrating the fraud
I was overseas on the charts with Boy George
You're the beginner, Shante's the winner
Having all the compet**ion for dinner
Sit you on a table with a plate and cup
Say grace and then eat your a** up
So step back 'cause I can hold my own
And everyone, y'all be easy, 'cause this girl is gone