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Selected song name: Good Fellas
Singer Name: Echelon
Lyrics written by: Echelon

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Aye, Aye
Whats up my n***as pull up
With that chrome smoking
Just like a Harley out
In Cali doing shows now
We getting Gnarly
See your b*t*h up in the front row
Looking naughty
Showing t**ties throwing thongs up
She off the molly
Off the molly b*t*hes do anything
Then Xen tell her, Xen tell her
F**k the Goodfellas
She'll let him
I'mma pimp, so I'mma break a b*t*h
Aye wa**up'? She suck and f**k
I collect the chips, stack em' up
Ten Pimps pimping
Whipping and flipping my tongue
Slice the B, Dice the B
Silver Toe Samurai, violently
Finally, shining cause' I'm grinding
Like I'm supposed to be
Post with G's
Xen, Shake, and Pouya slaying vocally

Peek from the back
Mac 11 in the backpack
If you wanna feature gotta hit up my cash app
Leave a rapper wrapped up in some plastic
Trash bag, never got to a casket
Faggot, a band make a b*t*h nasty
Make yo' hoe get down with a bukkake
Two condoms stuffed in my back pocket
Hoe get dog with a red rocket
Boy stop it
You are not relevant
Two many hoes off the medicine
How can you think that you better than
Ain't even start it just settled it
I gotta b*t*h now, I gotta whip now
Pull out the stick if you wanna get
Stiff with the clique now
I've been in this sh*t
You've been in the corners of Bentleys
And coupes with the clit, b*t*h

Pull a peeler, got me feeling groggy
Shawty geekin' sucked and f**ked
The whole party
Pulled the peel off on the new Harley
Iv'e been smoking dank
All up in the lobby
Got my hair growin'
Like a young Marley
Finna' OD call it Chris Farley
When I hit the party
Got a hunnid' guns
Hit the club with my Gutta
One hunnid', one hunnid' drums
Coke in the tongue til' it got me numb
How dawg' a thinking
That I ever owe you one
F**k with the squad
You're just mad at your boys
I'll pull out the fire in the trunk
Then I up the pump
Put him in baggies
Then I toe tag him
F**king with Dragon the Chosen One
Blaze in the Shade, you pu**y, you lame
I'm catching the fade while I up the pump