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Selected song name: Goodbye Emily Deetz
Singer Name: Eddie Perfect
Lyrics written by: Eddie Perfect

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Hey Mom
Your funeral was a bit of a blur
So I think it's time I said a few words
Before I start on letting you go
Face the mess I made back home

When you were here you made life a game
So I guess if you would want me to play, and to fight, and to carry the light in your name

I gotta tell you that Mom
I love you like a fish loves the water
I'll always be proud I'm your daughter

You taught me to find joy in the moment
We'll watch the space as I'm gonna own it

Messed around with spirits and spells
Even took a road trip to hell
But I made it: afraid but ok
And now I miss you and wish you farewell

So this is goodbye, Emily Deetz
Mother and wife
Wicked and sweet
This is your child, up on her feet
Heart in her hand
So long and goodbye
Beautiful Mom
Can you believe how far I've come?

Don't know if it's fate
Some kind of mistake
Or part of your plan
But I think I finally see who I am

Hey mom
I'm leaving but you'll always be with me
I gotta live
I know you'll forgive me

This world is gonna torture and test me
I'm pretty sure it's gonna get messy

I was the invisible girl
But now I see myself in the world
And I know that it won't be all roses
No demon can hold this girl down

Just say hello
Lydia Deetz
Her mind is in motion
Her little heart beats
The raising highs
The crushing defeats
You were holding my hand

A mama sized hole
Sits in this chest

It used to be no
But it's finally yes

Where will I go?
It's anyone's guess

As far as I can
Cause I finally see who I am

Cause I finally see who I am
I am
Finally, finally, finally
I see who I am

Finally, I see who I am