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Selected song name: Gray’s Anatomy
Singer Name: Grayscale
Lyrics written by: Grayscale

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She told me she usually doesn't f**k guys
Such Lies; Probably f**king and blowing Chuck's mind
But I'm, just fine
Calvin plus Klein
Luck, and plush wine got her nipples harder than Chuck's rhymes

Judo when we f**k
Tossing d**k like Elvis in his grave when I don't shuck and jive
Biting all my lyrics like she's doing with the pillow
Pad her on the a** like brillos 'til she's going out her f**king mind

Bite necks like Dracula. Teach her how to ride like pa**engers
It's smash and dashin' Chuck who's crashing pads when chicks are bad as f**k
Tell her catch a cab if that's some flab or maxi pad's a must
And these n***as be hating!
Nasty like I'm scratching scabs, my vinyls be catching crabs
Verses drop like acid tabs, Playboy bunnies, catching Babs
Captain Falcon mattress pads, show me your moves as you laugh
Ending first like Ketchum, Ash. I be catching a**; She like...

Come, into my plam...
Oh-oh, oh-oh...Suppose you'll never...*repeated 2X*

It's about to get dirty like, Ric Flair's wrestlin'
It's Mr. Ramen Noodles feeling on your woman's breasts again
And I define perfection like the New and Old Testament
Stay dropping that excrement that gotchu sweatin like Mexicans
Red bones, used condoms, dead phones
Corresponding head moans; Kush was her cologne
I don't kick her out my bed, throne, hit it in the morning J. cole
Whisper sweet, nothing's in her ear like headphones
Too Many Loose String T's ripped
Next morning we seem hitched
Her pu**y's tight as her jeans' st**ched. Shouts out to her seamstress
She's black and white like Bewitched...MellowHype, and them peas

Blowing all her salad on that marijuana, blue cheese piff
Screaming like she's outta line
Kill the pu**y like Columbine
N***as in Paris; Madeline
Thank God for that Calvin Klein!
Tryna ball like Allen Ive';
Call me Owl Eyes
Gatsby drink and make her say "Oh" like she just caught a vowel like...

*repeated 4X*
Kick her outta my bed. Hit it in the morning J. Cole
Whisper sweet nothings in her ear like headphones
*repeated 4X*
Gettin' brain

Spittin' game

It's a crazed

Livin' Gray's