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Hamilton Mixtape Ham4Ham song lyrics are written by Jasmine Cephas Jones

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Selected song name: Hamilton Mixtape Ham4Ham
Singer Name: Jasmine Cephas Jones
Lyrics written by: Jasmine Cephas Jones

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Clip 1:

You ever see a painting by

John Trumbull
Founding fathers in a line, looking all humble

Patiently waiting to sign a declaration, to start a nation

Clip 2:

I wanna thank you all for coming out!

Clip 3:

Yo I'm just like my country
I'm young, scrappy, and hungry
And I'm not throwin' away my shot
I said I'm not throwin' away my shot

Clip 4:

You built me palaces out of paragraphs
You built cathedrals
I'm rereading the letters you wrote me
Clip 5:

Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em
I ain't ever been the type to try and grab the spotlight
We were at the revel with some rebels on a hot night
Laughin’ at my sister as she dazzling the room
Then you walked in and my heart said Boom

Clip 6:

A tolerance for pain
A couple of college credits and my

top-notch brain

your family brings out a different side of me