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Hang Wit Me Freestyle song lyrics are written by Edai

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Selected song name: Hang Wit Me Freestyle
Singer Name: Edai
Lyrics written by: Edai

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All the opp hoes yea they hang wit' me
Six-Double O I tell 'em blow, they gon' bang for me
Talkin' 'bout how you gon' drill, boy thas' make-believe
Damn I think I'll call Fredo I got the 8 wit' me
Lotta' these rappers in the Chi they kinda fake to me
Started the drill music you should be thankin' me
Claim 2-4 but crackin' trey's man you fake to me
N***a claimin' L's, hell na he don't hang wit' me
Hold up you better slow up Cdai gon' blow some
Man down in yo' hood now nobody know nun'
is up he got the lean, he gon' po' some
Rondo ain't for the convo, he gon' blow some
Er'body watchin' me damn I ain't know nun'
Got shot a couple times and n***a you ain't learn nun'?
Made you n***as wear the Gucci money ain't a thing to me
Whole time I got the blender shakin' dope in vacancy
Roll up I make her roll up, she gon' throat me
Talkin' 'bout watchu' gon' do, come and show me
How you f**k wit' n***as and you don't know 'em
Rock all that fake designer, that sh*t ain't normal
Get wet up I got the wetter, yea it split 'em
Can't trust her, she
N***as they don't bang wit' me
Squad ! Les' get it, I'm out