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Selected song name: Haus of Edwards 2016
Singer Name: Gia Gunn
Lyrics written by: Gia Gunn

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Here ye here ye
Ladies and lady boys
Let the story time commence!

Unlike any other story told before
Beginning with 1 and now with 4
The House of Edwards left the children gagging for more

With only a dream these queens had a plan
To entertain the world so sickening just as they can
With a legacy so divine a family slain the force 'til the end of time

Power of 1 the gig has just begun

The power of 2 added the new

The power of 3 is destined to be

The power of 4 has opened the door

: Welcome to the Ball of them All!
: Category is...Bring it to the runway
: Gurl this is like the gay academy
Category is... Sickening
: Here we go gurls
Everybody to the dance floor now!

Laganja: Yes gawd honey
Alyssa: When I step into the light they say oh sickening
Mariah: Mariah has come to werk

Rupaul: If im the treat then you the trick like a scratch that needs to itch
Alyssa: Slay Destroy Demolish
Can you rewind that back for a minute

Rupaul: Commence shake down... I am the UFO United Funk Official commanding you to bust a move or suffer with my missile no harm is my intention but if you disobey my wrath must stop all booty pop and blow this world away
I bring the beat, I bring the beat, I bring the beat, I bring the beat


Work work wor wor wor work work work work x3

Langanja may I borrow your phone?

T.S. its me I need you to step your pu**y power up tonight how soon can you get here

T.S: Is it on? Is this b****h recording? Why don't you drop it like a hot potato they never teeter like she darth vader she know nothing about the twerking know beause when she get low she hit low