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Selected song name: Headz Ain’t Ready
Singer Name: Boot Camp Clik
Lyrics written by: Boot Camp Clik

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Headz Ain't Ready for this Clik we got
Headz Ain't Ready man I swear they not

Nowadays I had it up to here, from my chest to my head
When the buddha bless bless my head then the eyes are red
Coming for ya, 3-2-1 nice to know ya
You wanted to pop junk
So now it's like a little Vigor
I outta floor ya

Heads ain't ready got the original guns and machetes
I pin that a** to the gra** like I was Teddy
Cause brothers ain't ready for the fros and the dreads
Grab the Glock and hit ya from ya toes to ya head

There's an X amount of yar-we, yo pa** the gar-weed
Pa** it over here so I can get Irie-why we
Smoke so much brothers be asking
Why the Originoo Gunn Clappaz keep on clapping

Heads ain't ready for what my clique got in store
Cause what we got in store keeps us prepared for the war
Shows get blown, hoes get thrown out the room
Plus napkins for nitwits that ride these from now 'til noon
Now a**ume - position, punks p*ssing they pants
Cause lyrical skills is making you feel..

Still if-in-case you didn't know how we be livin
It's in, my nature to keep Robin like Givens
For real doe, bring your steel bro'
Kill or be killed j*rk - you don't know
So that leaves ya screwed like a dildo
I still blow, punks I crush into dust
Plus we got ya bucks
Rock and Ruck, and what?

What's that aroma in the air? Trees
So what that means son?
Son that mean it's huntin season
Time to stack papes do you got what it takes
Can you react when your life's at stake?
I rock the stripes of an M-P, pon my timb tree
And keep the Taurus for my enemies
Whenever he comes in the mist of this Boot Camp Clik
It gets realer so watch Steele serve justice
Thirty-two degrees freeze until
These MC's decide to relieve you of grievin

On my way from out of state, I hit my block F-A-P
Wit my man Ruck and my man Rock S-T
Jus left my man brown nose
Now we got a sack of the black for the shows
Clothes, ain't really nothing to me
But I stay with my Timberland tree, and my
Rock, the party, keep my hair notty
Did you notice me flowing with potency
Buckshot b-d-b-d and the Evil Dee, we rock fluently

Mr. McGee don't get me angry
You wouldn't like it when I'm angry
Ill thoughts to the dome start to change me
Rearrange the, way I be kicking, my flavor
Even my neighbours
Notice a change in the Ruckus behaviour

Now you roaches don't even come close or approach this
What I be smoking leave your monkey a** choking
Straight from yardie like the one Robert Marley
You hardly ever saw me witout a bag of that bomb weed
I wake up in the morning and chocolate's what starts it
Reaching in my pocket for the roach to spark it

I'm steppin in hotter this year
Wit my bredern dry-tear, my cousin wit no fear
So who - wanna come tess Top Dawg
They dig you out the ditch and then they take you to the morgue

Here's Mr. Meaner, the crook with the mouth full
Known for being live and rocking those flavor Timbos
Half pa** Lincoln, clothes dead and stinking
Country boy got me just zoning and thinking
Time to start stacking on you crab a** snakes
Gotta move right, cause my rep's at stake
Call up my dogs that's quick to bust
P.N.C. take it back to the dust
Now I got four eyes to watch my back
Plus my own two make it a full six-pack
Now we bring the ruckus to wannabe nuccas
Bodying suckas like I change up my chuckas

Don't you know the W-a-r
Is o-n open to them heads scoping
Hoping they can get a bite, and write what I write
But they don't know the night
Keeps me and my Clik air tight
All you biters wanna chunk the script
But your quick to take a flick
By my side as you take my hand, giving the fake smile
But I peeped you for awhile
Ease off selector when the B.D. pulled your file
Can I pull your card again, the Buck's guardian
Is the Arm-a-Leg-Leg-Arm-a-Head
So begin to drop the bombs

You ask for it, who want beef well here's war
For this I packs twin automatic 4-4's
Kids this ain't before don't even speak about my fleet
Many pop junk but front when them see me
Them not ready

Headz Ain't Ready for this Clik we got
Headz Ain't Ready man I swear they not
Heady Ain't Ready for the Clik we got
Headz Ain't Ready man I swear they not
Headz Ain't Ready.. for the Click we got