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Her Song song lyrics are written by Eddy Calvert

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Selected song name: Her Song
Singer Name: Eddy Calvert
Lyrics written by: Eddy Calvert

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Should of known babe
How many men you f**ked, should of known baby

Should of known babe
Took my time out to f**king know baby

You can't take my heart I ain't got a heart to give
And these hoes can't handle the way I f**king live
If you O.D. baby I don't give a f**king sh*t
Alright? Alright?

What I did was it ever enough for you
Yeah, I tried baby to save you from yourself
Tried to give you all my help
But baby it weren't enough, weren't enough

Ohh yeah it weren't enough
Ooooooh oooh oooh yeah

I'm so high right now
Don't talk to me, no don't talk to me