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Selected song name: Humble Fucks!
Singer Name: Gilbere Forte
Lyrics written by: Gilbere Forte

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F**ked up, last night, slept with a chick from my past life
Past twice, the homies hit, but I was never really all in that b*t*h
Bad brains, but I ain't sippin' I'm still tippin' off how it goes
Lost in the valley of some fines hoes, I'm stuck in homeboys condo
Left the keys to the S600, n***a like me I ain't gon' front it
So I hit my man T Coles and we 'bout to hit the road
Headed for Vegas where lights and the money take us
It's hard being humble when you know you 'bout to blow
I think I have trouble listening to my spirit
Heart across I think about noone near me that hear it
Head from a chick I don't know, I'll probably clear it
Swervin' off my ego, but honesty's what I'm fearin'
I knowin' what car I need for all the lies I am st
With all these people around me
For emotions and my music but safety for their investments
Friendships with business where can I find the exit
Every dollar that I spent, every night I call the phone
It's property tax when you ain't livin' at home
All these b*t*hes that surround me, not sure ho-ho-how they found me
It's balance between being alive or being a lie
Truth can hurt everybody but who the f**k will survive
If I told you something I wasn't you'd probably say I'm the sh*t
If I told you I'm nothing better you'd tell me get off my d**k
The backwards way of living will never reach its limit
You can spend your life in a bubble trying being humble
But it's only so long before anybody'll buckle
Everybody around you steady feeding your accomplishments
Your ego ain't the most of it when you the type of n***a that never notices
When the money's right, smiles come out the dark
Everybody that wanna know you will play the part
And get closer to the moment before you was shinin' at all
The luxuries of life will never stop 'til you fall
We all young living vices for advices
Where the humble n***as die just swaggin' and put the knife in it
The value of being young with a dream, who's motherf**king pricing it

Yeah, Forte
Raak, I don't know how long I'mma let them live with this beat
What I got on my feet n***a, Android Hommes n***a