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Selected song name: I aint stressing
Singer Name: EVAN DMMIX
Lyrics written by: EVAN DMMIX

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New chain, ain't flexing, they hate
My gang gonna eat, we shoot through the gate
When you have no diamonds, it's fake
I'ma, get that and broke it in faith
I ain't stressing, bro
You think you can hate on me, bro
New money, you play with fake yo-yo's
I be getting ice since I got this designer
Talking about me, bro, you got no liner

Steady tryna maintain
Want my money but don't get fainted
Your bull-headed, you got painted
I love God, and you don't? Don't get me gainted
In the name of Jesus, I pray the Lord, aye
I'm forgiven, don't speak some loud words
Icey chain on, don't wait for too long
Finna gonna get this on my own
Brown dreads on, new car
I ain't so hard
Haters keep pushing so hard

I ain't stressing
I ain't stressing
I ain't stressing
I ain't stressing
I love God and gave his heart