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I Believe in Love Again song lyrics are written by Big Daddy Kane

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Selected song name: I Believe in Love Again
Singer Name: Big Daddy Kane
Lyrics written by: Big Daddy Kane

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Tell me, tell me that you love me
Like you never loved anyone before
So touch me, touch me like you never
Touched nobody, nobody before

Baby, when we kiss
It's like nothing I ever felt
Feels so good
I can't keep it to myself

The sun shines a little brighter
I can see through the night
Everything's much better
I believe in love
Moment we walk out the door
Then you walk right on in
Everything looks brighter and
I believe in love again

Baby, tell me a secret
That you never told no one before
Shower me, shower me with romance
Moment in time can be yours and mine
I wanna be the one that you look forward to
Spend my life, spend my life loving you

Ever since, until present tense
I see ya, mami, and bag ya like evidence
The games most play are designed like Coach K
To make clothes laid and vanish like some say
But that's my old way, no more expose
Me and you be chilling, everything's okay
More than a morning flower, you the whole bouquet
Rather rock and roll, I'm on a big trip today