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Selected song name: I DESPISE RAPPERS
Singer Name: G6TH
Lyrics written by: G6TH

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In the back, take your motherf**king skin off
You rip off, as I rip off your skin, peeling it back as I've been done
Look at my lips as the blood f**king drips
As I loosen my grip and the noose gets tighter
You a fighter, now it's time to do dinner
Watch as the body burn, f**king burn
You a f**king stupid b*t*h, I hope you burn
From all the sh*t you've done, haven't learned
You're a f**king waste of space,
You don't mean sh*t to me, not at all
Y'all could cross a bridge and have me fall
Snap your f**king neck in a draw
Rip off your f**king legs, watch you crawl
You think you good at this? I'm the pawn
You don't know sh*t, make you cry stupid b*t*h
Stop complaining on Twitter you're a f**king grown man
Oh god, I f**king hate rappers
You are f**king b*t*h
Shut the f**k up AND F**KING CRY OUT B*T*H