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I hate being alone song lyrics are written by Cam

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Selected song name: I hate being alone
Singer Name: Cam
Lyrics written by: Cam

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Taught myself how to ball
Taught myself how to see through yo flaws
I'm so damn high i can't speak to y'all
I get this check and i hit the mall
I ain't want to but i spent it all
You can not rise if you never fall
All in her mouth think i broke her jaw
Polo Ralph Lauren it's on my draws

Walked in this b*t*h acting totally different
Thought we was cool now i guess we got tension
Don't know what I've seen
Don't know how i been living
How i'm this high i ain't got no prescription
Quit all the talking and listen
Why the f**k you always trippin'?
Why the f**k you always trippin'?

Quick reminder i ain't f**kin' with ya
Blade on my side so whats the issue
Slice through yo skin and right through the tissue
Young a** lil n***a got too many issues
I am someone you don't want to run into
Look at me wrong and i'm coming to get you
You n***as transparent you n***as ain't lethal
Black Cadillac with the tent you can't see through
I see yo moves before you see them hoes
She say she love you but really she don't
All of this work still got time to get throwed
Never be talking so don't hit my phone
Can't really lie
I hate being alone