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Selected song name: I’m a Player
Singer Name: Ghost Town
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You see I made up my mind when I was 17
I ain't with no marriage and a wedding ring
I'll be a player for life, so where's my wife?
Probably at the rehab stuck on the pipe
Cause she must be smoking and I'm not joking
Carson baby coming straight from Oakland
Got way more ripps then I'll ever need
Put that on a big fat bag of weed
Cause I can give you a ripp, wouldn't give you a joint
Can't waste the day now I made my point
So you should light your weed while I spit this rap
Tell you 'bout a player from way back
When I was younger, I use to run the young girls game
Now a lil' older and I still ain't changed
Sh*t I'm freaky in the right situations
You wanna rap? That's a nice occupation
To get it good when you want and how you want it fool
Cause I was crushing all the girls back in high school
I use to get the young girls
I use to be broke and had a taped up curl
But now I f**k top notch b*t*hes
Tell a story 'bout rags to riches
'Bout a n***a named Carson from the Oakland State
Been rapping for years and ain't fell off yet
So if you see me in my drop top Caddy
Throw a peace sign say, "Hey pimp daddy"
Cause I never would front on my folks
I slow down and let the gold diggers watch my chrome
Rippers come a dime a dozen
So don't get mad when I'm up in your cousin
Your two sisters, I even f**ked your ex-b*t*h
Clyde Carson in the house on some player sh*t

Now would you like to play
Would you like to play

Now all you fake players peep game from the real
Player hating lover tell me how do you feel
When you front to the homies how you grindin'
Look for a run but you can't find one
You got one girlfriend, you see her every night
Come around your partners, lie about your life
Looked at your watch, said 6:22
Cut to the house said, "Baby I love you"
Can't act like a mack like playboy Kaz
And the rest of The Team on the streets and the ave
Coming up we learned how to break these hoes
And when you through getting yours then you shake these hoes
And when your older it's nothing but a routine
And every care is ice cream and them mo jeans
I know I've seen her before, I'll see it again
Young ripps saying, "Kaz, would you be my man"

Now would you like to play
Would you like to play
Yeah it's a lot of fake players out there
Talking bad about The Team, you understand that
Kaz Kyzah, what you do about them player haters

Tryna stay away from you mark imitators
Put you in a cross cause you really just hate us
I thought you knew, Kyzah is a player
Born to mack and got rippers everywhere
I ride around town in my clean a** car
Screening these hoes like movie stars
Checking my tracks in the turf like that
See I was born to mack I'm whipping hoes like "crack"

We be a monkey on your back b*t*h
Until you kick that Clyde Carson have you
Got you all on my tip
And even though I can't touch you everyday
It's cause I got another girl around the way
We can all get together on the late night
Cut to the house serve you something up real tight
I really don't care cause I'm a player