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Selected song name: I’m the man
Singer Name: A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Lyrics written by: A Boogie wit da Hoodie

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Ness on the beat

Givenchy all over my body
She calling me Papi
I'm killing her Doggy style
Rottweilers in the lobby
Have you ever seen a doggy hold a 40 cal
B*t*hes that thought I was nobody talk about me
And they all wanna know me now
N***as that thought I was nobody talked about me
But they calling me brodie now

Day one, don't mean they're A1
N***a, you just got to hold it down
Nowadays, n***as try way way to hard to be my homie now
I was stuck in public housing, but now I can buy a few Rollies now
I was chilling by that 24 took off
They calling me Kobe now
Damn son, I'm the man son, and I'm handsome
With my bands up
Call me Bandsome, Phantom parked in the mansion
Lot of handguns, I just hope that you undеrstand us
I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man
I ain't playing, boy I f**k with gorillas
Big Body with a couplе of killers
Gloves on I come in like its Thriller
All my jeans got a couple of zippers
I'm A Boogie if I wanted her I get her
If not then I'm f**king her sister
Rooftop disappear it go missing
Me and you could disappear and go missing

We could hop in the coupe and go missing
Got the trunk in the front and the back got the engine
I ain't cuffing these hoes I'm resisting
Got no time to lay up, I just score in the system
Remember nights that my stomach was cringing
In my cell thinking how imma get out the system
I ain't tryna do life go in prison
Even though you alive, you ain't really living

F**k that, tryin' man, I'm tryna get rich
N***a spend my shot like an eclipse
Double cup full of a Kool, you know what I sip
Remeber back in the G going high for a nic
Now a days, in a day, I'm airin' to the zip
Try runnin' down on me, run up and get hit
It ain't bout a dollar, then that don't make no sense
Making ends meet until I get me an M
Pullup in that 6, it gotta come with an M
Hit the gas and be gone in the wind
Try taking my chain, I might catch an attempt
Chopper leave him curled up like a shrimp
N***as better check-in when they come to the bridge
Or end up floating somewhere under a bridge
N***as wave ridin', they don't know how to swim
New Givenchy drip, I just got it from Fifth, yeah