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Selected song name: Immortal Souls (demo)
Singer Name: Edge of Sanity
Lyrics written by: Edge of Sanity

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The arrival of the dead, mourning souls arise
Searching for a way, to reach humanity

Couldn't stand the pain, left our world too fast
Caught in light so black, and there ain't no turning back...

Escaping from the second sky, souls cry in despair
Forgotten lives surrounds me now
But I don't know they're here

Jealousy and utter hate, fills their empty shell
Longing back to mother earth, where they all deceased

How will I know, who can tell when I'll die?
Live, live my friend till the end of all time
No, no way out from the spell where you're caught
So we must be strong, holding on to our lives

Into the void
Immortal souls will rise
Rising from the dead

Fooled by the stronger ones. Confused they fly around
Can't break free from the chains of death
Chains that keep then bound
They can't control their mourning souls
Their mind is still alive
Now they've seen their destiny
And is trying to break free
Stronger forces take control and bring them back to earth
Hoping for a second chance
Longing for a rebirth

Life, life ain't fair for thy one's who have lost!