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Selected song name: Impulsive Necroplasma
Singer Name: Edge of Sanity
Lyrics written by: Edge of Sanity

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Impulsive necroplasma
Injected in your veins
Spiritually deceased
Bringing life to dead and death do life
Chemical injection, producing immortality
From this fate, you cannot flee
Suffocate, filled with hate, pray to die!!!
Suffocate, ripping your soul
Sience abuse has reached its goal
Filled with hate, all feelings are gone
You are trapped within
You feel no pain, pain is all you feel
Injection is prepared, for eternity
It circles in your blood, rigor mortis course
Is twisting impulses your life is but is no more
Die... Rise high above the low
Deathless... Still you can feel the flow
Never know which way you'll fade
Insane cell will always be
Dominate, ripping your mind
In the maze of existence...