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Selected song name: In the Name of RLP
Singer Name: Esham
Lyrics written by: Esham

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Here the f**k we go again
No matter what your thinking let this sh*t sink in
A n***a with nothing to do, relaxin', maxin'
Askin' "who you looking at fool?"
I just couldn’t hold my tongue
Here it comes, cool wisdom sung to the drum
Last year I got it in gear now
Natas is here don't fear my dear
The train is coming so you better hop on
Take a ride but don’t ride my d**k too long
Cause Lucy the groupie always gets dissed
With the quickness in a second or less
Yo, ain’t no thing cause everybody yearns
As the world turns everybody learns
That Reel Life ain’t no joke y’all
You know we coming when you smell the smoke y’all
God damn a wicket man’s jam slams
Heavy on your brain coming down like rain
The fatal flow must flow once mo'
I had to let it go watch out below, there it blows
As this sh*t is plain to see
I did it all in the name of RLP

This is my song for you to meditate on

Is it funky enough or do I need more funk?
The wicked wicked ba** bumps in yo trunk
Here it is that old Reel Life sh*t
Back to back I sing Reel Life hits
Never will I switch I'mma keep the devilish mode
I bring the heat to burn 'em up but this sh*t is out cold
Your women in my early days
I sent n***as to early graves
Don’t come at me with no girly ways
At a young age Mastamind was a mad man
Now I’m madder, Now I’m seeing n***as scatter
All over town punks try to put me down
But they wish they was down all over Motown
I hate to be a target of envy
The devil's in me so I’m unfriendly
So many in the D don’t give me no R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Now, The M-I-N-D’s gotta take sh*t
I play for keeps just let me know which n***as got beef
I’m here to get it in gear
But a new year sayin' sh*t that folks fear to hear
I’m a set 'em all straight with a Natas LP
All in the name of RLP

This is my song for you to meditate on

Pop the sh*t in, equalize all bands
From the soul I preach to ya the laws of the land
Natas is in the house to haunt it for you
The black devil Esham's in the house too
The man in the moon is the man in your nightmares
The devil's in the house giving you a scare
But don’t worry about a thing don’t scream
Throw your hands in the air let the rapper man sing
Let me show you styles you never thought could be
Non-believers never thought it would be me
Jealous ho’s really don’t know me
They only know of me from my poetry
But after cool wisdom you don’t know sh*t
I need some ol' wicket sh*t to flow with me 'fore I blow sh*t
Witch suckers want some and need some of this
God damn the wicket ba** is thunderous
Mother Nature didn't make this thunder go boom
The Unholy didn’t do it there’s a ghost in the room
Many, many styles busting like caps in ya head
This is Reel Life so I drop facts on ya a**
Y’all ain’t heard sh*t now that you heard this
With pleasure it’s Mastamind at your service
There it is in your face now you see
I did it all in the name of RLP

This is my song for you to meditate on