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Selected song name: In the Trash Can
Singer Name: Edai
Lyrics written by: Edai

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Foe nem
Gang, gang
Gang gang gang
Gang, gang
Gang gang gang
Gang gang

Put the Tooka in the trash can
Koopa do the dishes
Im knockin on my tenth wood
And I ain't superst**ious
Diamonds in the rolly water
Words in my fishes
Dont nobody nobody f**k with my kitchen
Smokin dead man tell his a** to pa** that
Smokin like a red man
Got me feelin abstract
I keep countin dead man
N***a where your cash at
Rolly in my left hand
In my right im blastin
Put the tooka in the trash can
And bring the cash back
I just got her and her best friend
And make that a** clap

Put your b*t*h in the business
And she ain't never comin back
She said ain't you koopa
B*t*h get off my sack
Im smokin on this dead
And im ballin and im ballin
N***as try n***as say its dead
But they a** was scared
I was young grew up in the met
Runnin from the feds
Do the dash
F**k a foreign dog imma count some bands
Got a bed n***as hate thats why they talkin trash
Koopa flex, imma run it up, get that money fast
N***as mad
They ain't gone do sh*t though
They just gone be mad
Baby mama hate stupid broke b*t*h mad
Say she got a man where his broke b*t*h a**
I just do me all i know get cash
Would tell her add it up but she dont get mad
Somebody please tell me why they runnin to the net
Fifteen years later im still postin the met
My b*t*h say imma dog cuz i keep f**kin on the vet
I told her imma ball as long as i can get a check
I walk into the jeweler put some diamonds on my neck
Ain't dyin for the net im gone die for my respect
These n***as tellin stories they done turned into the press
I pull off in the whip and do a hundred in the stretch
Aye n***as ain't get wild say they turnt up we gone turn em right down
N***as got quiet smokin loud right now
Ill bring that tec out n***as foul right now
Foe nem
Gang gang gang