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Please somebody come and help
Somebody hear me when I yelp
I need an officer to see that everyone is by themself
Someone's staring while I sh*t
So he’s taking out his d**k
So he's staring at me like
Bend over and don't f**king wipe
So he shoves his c*ck in mine
And it makes me wanna cry
And it makes me wanna stab him with my prison booger knife

It makes me do it on the dot
I cut his c*ck off with my snot so I got my sentence moved
I wеnt from 15 years to life the judgе just said it wasn’t right
For him to use my poop as lube
But an officer chimed in and said
That's just what they do
Cause in prison there's no lube
And that's just what they do
Yeah I said there's no lube in prison
So they just use each others poop yeah

I'm doing five hundred years over some tweets
And now another three hundred cause i get no pu**y
Its got me missing on sleep
I'm feeling tweaked every day of the week
I'm thinking to myself that i could break free
I secretly see relief
I wanna see a c-o
Hoe and I cut the teeth
And stick my d**k in her cheeks
Both said and facts
The social construct has since collapsed
So f**k that let me kick out a sadistic rap
And now I further my murderous plan of attack its blood curling
Urging surgical surfaces mergeless reimbursement of the earth
I been served since birth I was cursed as worthless
My emergence is pure evil so say to those people
Well I’d rather be feared than be your equal
Be your ruler then battle with your people

Prison sh*tting c*ck up in my a**hole ay
I been here for a minute couple thousand days
Sh*t if I slip it in cripping
Sh*tting nobody been in it
Long as we manage we hamming we cramming we slamming
I ain’t even droppin' the bars I just be dropping the soaps
Don’t even pray anymore cause I ain't got any hope
Every day that I pray every day that I say
My wife don't visit was a b*t*h anyway

Prison is not a vacation
No lubrication
Using defecation
Even urination
Anything is a** son
Feels just like a wet a** pu**y was
Life is good I hate it here
Everyone is suddenly a f**king queer, ay
I don't like it when
There’s people near
I'm filled with fear
Just like a dear
Staring at head lights
Buts its real head night
Too bad I lost all of my civil rights
I don't have a bank account
Can't take out
The money I need for vaseline
That's like working a week
I'd rather eat
F**k that sh*t
Literally ay

Lay down gas
Been blasted with steel toes
Do ya feel those?