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Selected song name: It’s a Compton Thang
Singer Name: Compton’s Most Wanted
Lyrics written by: Compton’s Most Wanted

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Modern society, get hip quick
Plus give me a breath, cause you're ridin my d**k
Suckers like jockin for a large extent
Philosophy excused when it's time to get bent
Eiht, considered to be major and substandtial
Put the damn mic down, boy, you can't handle
The pressure, or the a**umption that I am great
Black psychologist known as Eiht
Let me suggest that the black race made up rap
And this black brother's here to clock them snaps
Let me propose that I can be nothing nonetheless
Yes, C.M.W. - funky fresh
My main attempt on this final approach
Is to get you to attend, but you can't, you whimp
My wisdom, as you can tell, speaks for itself
Try to compete, then I destroy your mental health
Cause it's a Compton thang

I speak in the language of the Compton streets
Add profanity a bit to keep it discrete
The t**le that I uphold, not rap feminine
Hardcore, makin that top dollar dividend
Peep this out, I may not state I have a message
But down to kick b*** of the fools that be geffin
Eradicatin, takin nothin I got
Prestige awarded, cause the Eiht keeps hot
It's mandatory that I can rock your world with c
Cause to me there is no world outside the C-p-t
If I don't kick ya, or get with ya, cause I'ma stick ya
Pop the chops too much, the Eiht'll hit ya
So what you got? Come and show me your stuff
Got a million more rhymes and I'm callin your bluff
As it happens you fall into the zone that's insane
Eiht, Chill, DJ Ant, it's a Compton thang

Pick a number, cause when I call it, you'll be next
Got to sla,y it's just the way I get my royalty checks
A**umin that all has gone the way I planned it
As I rock new jacks, they can't stand it
Stable, and yes, I'm able to get harder
So watch my tempo flow just like water
I rush a statement address to the press
You got to understand, my man, it's like fresh
A black entrepreneur with a theory
Suckers, open your ears, so you can hear me
I got the need to obtain a position
I keep my rhythm rollin, no intermission
In order to cancel suckers who wanna diss
That means I cancel suckers who don't exist
But to inherit my t**le, they can't hang
Or try to hang with my wanted gang
Cause it's a Compton thang

It seems regular for my kick-back outcome
To leave your crew in suspense, that's why you feel dumb
Impossible, and yet unwise to disguise
A surprise, won't you open your eyes
Eiht plus Chill plus Ant equals terror
Unknown and Slip is hip, look in the mirror
The call for the wanted posse is demandin
As I release rhymes so outstandin
Don't stop at nothin, cause I got much heart
Just do the E a favor, and punk, don't start
Rhymes that I portion in order to make a point
I write em up while I hit the joint
I'm in effect, so let me show you how I rock
And when I rock suckers quick better jock
Give me peace, and suckers, stop all the ying-yang
You fail to understand, it's a Compton thang
This is for Compton
And Compton is rollin
Geah, number one
C.M.W. in effect