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Selected song name: John Bender
Singer Name: Eddy Baker
Lyrics written by: Eddy Baker

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I'm so high, I'm so high
I'm so high, I'm so stoned
I'm out here, in the world
And I'm all, on my own
Got no fam, got no friends
It's just me, and my ends
Yeah it's me, and my money
When that's gone, I get lonely
I be roamin' with no place to go
I'm a loser, a stray zero
More a villain, than hero
F**k yo' rap, and all yo' clothes
Your respect, ain't what I want
Just need cash, for my boat
Dope all stashed, in my coat
I got gra**, if you want it

I feel just like I'm Bender
Steal yo' chick up in detention
I stay frequently suspended
Life's a b*t*h but I'm stick kickin'