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Selected song name: Just How Many Times
Singer Name: Cold Chisel
Lyrics written by: Cold Chisel

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Lovers see the world through an old, red wine
All the sounds of the blues, just disappear
With a light like yours beside me
It's been an old, old red wine year

And just how many times did I watch you smile
And how long has it been
Since my eyes, in tender desperation
Gathered every memory, every scene

And Ah! Last summer on the beach your legs were brown as pecan stains
And how, with dripping faces we would skid to shelter in the pouring rain
But if the game's so low and painful
And if every moment brings no peace
It's just a shame to play

Now in the end there's the long road home
And the party's so dry, without you
Oh my lady, if you have to leave me
Please don't leave me sober, leave me blue