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Selected song name: Keep Killin
Singer Name: G Perico
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Low the Great

You can't help me if you can't help yourself
I'm at the penthouse plotting on my next ten steps
One hundred million, straight out the ghetto
We finally on track, now it's time to hit the pedal
Can't look back, gotta keep killin'
Time going by, but I keep Crippin'
Yellow gold jewelry and it's covered up in ice
I'm just putting on for my n***as that got life
I stay away from n***as that be talking to the cops
And them n***as that be talking to n***as talking to the cops
And I stay away from hoes that ain't got sh*t going on
Might be a hot girl summer, but I ain't got sh*t for 'em
I flush dope down the toilet in the middle of a raid
Knock n***as out in the middle of a fade
Hide a fifty round clip in the center of a Wraith
Sliding through the city just to show my face
If it ain't Ace of Spade, what the f**k is it?
When I leave the office, won't you come get drunk with me?
Couple n***as turned around 'cause they couldn't see the light
Then I started Blue T-Shirt, now we on, God

I remember sitting in the projects all day
Backyard boogie , taking all fades
You know, a couple night creepers, you know, a couple broad days
With my n***a BG, he from the Broadway
If it ain't Ace of Spades, what the f**k is it?
20 bands on a chain, spent a buck fifty
All these b*t*hes know my name, they in love with me
I ain't going on that stage without my gun with me
Okay, now what you finna do when you get out your deal?
I'm finna have some fun
Ayy, what do you consider fun?
Going dumb with a hundred round drum, on Blood
This that dog in this b*t*h, f**k the law in this b*t*h, ayy
I need it all in this b*t*h, ayy
First things first, yeah, you know it, f**k 12
Ayy, free Don Don, he got a million dollar bail
Like a boat, I'ma sail, I'm off drugs at the yard
Finna live it up today because I ain't promised tomorrow
Hundred ten, going fast, westbound on the freeway
Bogart in traffic 'cause I do sh*t the G way

G Perico, RuccDawg, Play To Win
Sh*t Don't Stop and all that, you know what I mean?
Mackk & Co., Perico's Innerprize
Long live Sean Mackk, long live Coley
Play To Win on the way