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Selected song name: Kush & Champagne Freestyle
Singer Name: Eddy Baker
Lyrics written by: Eddy Baker

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Know I keep that Strong, Smoking out the bong
Extendos hella long we smoking all day long, I got a Nia Long she twerking in her thong
I hit it on the bed 69, we both getting head I be up on my sh*t
That's why these b*t*hes on my d**k, I'm a crooked motherf**ker
But my crooks flow is legit, all these n***as f**king talking
But they rarely f**king walking, if you try to take my life
I might put you in a coffin, Cali Kush got me coughing
Got her wet now I'm mopping, when I come to the spot
B*t*h them panties better be dropping, and I think I'm Anthony Hopkins
Cause I am a f**king hannibal, and I eat her pu**y up like I am a f**king cannibal
I don't got no manners bruh, no you n***as do not matter bruh
Eddy F**king Baker B*t*h, your girl wanna take a picture with her camera
Chilling with my family weed yeah we burning tree, getting drunk til im 33
What the hell maybe 63, yeah i do this to the 5th degree turn you rappers into history
Everything's important to you guys, but it really ain't sh*t to me
And your words do not get to me, I'm smoking weed and sipping Hennessy
I don't even need a f**king beat, b*t*h i just woke up out my f**king sleep

Eddy Baker B*t*h