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Selected song name: Lamb Slain
Singer Name: Juls
Lyrics written by: Juls

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Greatest conspiracy ever to hit this planet

One time tap into the mind of them Pharisees
Rebellious in they mind, blind and never wanna see
"Ay I heard about this so called savior from Galilee
This poor carpenter, and he's tryna challenge me"
Tap into the mind of the great conspiracy
"For thirty pieces of silver we'll put him on a tree
Nine-inch nails for His hands and His feet
But this dude's a G, man He rolls twelve deep
This dude named Judas said he was down to betray Him
But he's foolish and doesn't know what it means
But the truth is, right now, they in Gethsemane"
"Carpenter Peter and two sons of Zebedee"
"But in the darkness how will we know which one is he?"
"The signal's gon' be, he's gon' kiss Him on the cheek"
"So let me get this straight, we gon' drag him through the street
Beat Him all night, and right in front of His peeps?
Put Him on trial, find Him not guilty
Get the crowd yell crucify, set Barrabus free?"
"Exactly, string Him up between two thieves
Pierce Him in the side, give Him vinegar to drink
Now put Him in a tomb, I don't even give it a week
I bet you they'll forget about Jesus by day three, three
I bet you they'll forget about jesus by day "

That's where you was when they followed you
Tracked down by the mob like Tha Carter II
Laughed in His face like a clown at a carnival
Whole team ran different ways, no audible
Pontius Pilate stands with the Messiah
The crowd yells, "Tyrant!"
The quintessential trial, angels remain silent
He asked Him, "Are you the King of the Jews? Is that you?
Or do others say that too?"
"Well, am I a jew? My kingdom isn't of this world made of fools"
"So then you are a king"
"Correct in saying I'm a king, it's for this reason I'm on the scene"
Now the gangbangers leaned on the edge of they seat
"To testify the truth, and everyone on the side of truth listens to me"
"What's the truth?" said P
He watched His hands clean
The crowd still screamed, "We want Barrabus, crucify the Sabbath!"
"But He's done nothing"
"So what, just let Him have it!"
Blood all over the culture, blood all over the courtroom
Blood all over the soldiers, blood all over Jehovah
"I bet you ain't so special now"
"Crucify Him!"
"Settle down
Come around, put Him on the ground
Get the crown
Dig it in His hairline"
Slash with the cat of nine tails thirty-nine times
Stripes look like red vines
It's bedtime
Mary cried, Martha cried, Peter cried, "Homicide, homicide!"
The other Mary cried, that was Magdalene
Cause they beat Him, mocked, spat on Him, flogged Him, then crucified Him
The Lamb never said a word like pantomime or charades
They watched Him suffocate
The nails through His wrist, blood splashed in they face
"Oh my God why have you forsaken me!"
God in the flesh came to be crucified
And just right before they stuck the spear in His side
He took His last breath, it was finished
And died