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Lickin, Suckin, Phukkin song lyrics are written by Eazy-E

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Selected song name: Lickin, Suckin, Phukkin
Singer Name: Eazy-E
Lyrics written by: Eazy-E

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Let me hear it

You want this baby
I want it hot and juicy
And thats the way I like it
You know thats right
You know how to kick it
I mean can I stick it
So you want me to slap it
Flip and rub it down
Alright I want you to turn
Round so I can hit it from the back ok
You like it like that baby
Who's is it, is it mine baby
Can I eat it, I mean can I lick it
Can I stick my tongue all in it

Right there uuh

Oh Eric

As I was sayin' before about this other b*t*h
Thats f**kin' wit this uh Uncle Tom b*t*h just
Sayin' that he sexual hara**ed her so what if the
Muthaf**ka sexually hara**ed her give a n***a some pu**y
Know what I'm sayin' you know ain't nuttin' wrong wit it
You know we did broke him off a little somethin' you know
But b*t*h probably lyin' you know what I mean