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Selected song name: Like That Y’all
Singer Name: Big Daddy Kane
Lyrics written by: Big Daddy Kane

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I come from off the streets where you learn to do or die
And you can't say the Bed without saying the Stuy
Reputation notorious
In battle victorious
I ran through everyone of your boroughs
Just like the Warriors
Crushing my enemy
In any vicinity
It's either him or me
So I'ma make him a memory
It's not intended to be
Some sort of facsimile
But my ident**y
Is kinda like number twenty-three
You hope to be
One day as dope as me
But you're softer than tissue
And just as sweet as potpourri
Bring on your best and watch the way I kill a few
I break them up just like syllables
For any compet**ion coming for my t**le
Foe or rival
You better want it more than I do
You can't be half stepping when the Kane come attack
Lyrical Thundercat
You don't want none of that

Like that y'all
It's like that y'all
It's like that

A dissing for a**ault
Battling salt with rappers
Getting Colt 44's as I bring it to a halt
That gangster bullsh*t as I spit the hardest song
Plus, I'm born invincible just like Carter Wong
When you cross the line
I stick you like a porcupine
Anything to make sure you never f**k with mine
You'd rather be
A tragedy
A catastrophe
That has to be
Delivered by your majesty
You can see why
You can never be fly
As me
The B-i-g D-a double d-y
Speak with a slurred sentence
From Old Gold and Guinness
Still quick to run up in your mouth just like a dentist
Sit down in groups hear my man fat cable
And kick down the doors of your f**king rap label
And put you out of business like WHT
Trying to play the Kane
What are you crazy?

Know what I'm saying?
This Big Daddy Kane
Doing the things that I do
And everything you hear is Top Shelf

I come from out the gutter
Where all of my n***as clutter
Around one another
Ripping flows
The block party favorite
Who rap the craziest
Cause when it comes to the mic
I'm too amazing, kid
You looking at a lyrical rapper
That drop the gatter
That sounds fatter
Than anybody coming near or after
I stand accused
For the nig that I abuse
And pop Langston Hughes
And I never plan to lose
because you know how we do
We know peace in the crew
Up on Lewis Avenue
I got a whole posse that's straight Bellevue
You keep faking moves
You get stuck at the LQ
Ain't no comparing ya
Evacuate the area
The stakes get scarier
I don't wanna bury ya
It's like a marathon the way you hear tracks
fear facts
N***as running out their Air Max

Uh uh-uh-uh-uh
To my man Cool V
Good lookin' Brooklyn