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Little Bird song lyrics are written by Dolly Parton

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Selected song name: Little Bird
Singer Name: Dolly Parton
Lyrics written by: Dolly Parton

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Beauty is a rare perfume
Precious, yet doesn't last long
Youth is but a playful breeze
That blows our way once then moves on
Love is a hidden treasure
Some never find where it lies
And memory is a little bird
Flies through life, live or dies

Little bird
Take me aboard your beautiful wings and let me fly
Fly me away back to yesterday
And drop me off there awhile

Let me smell the rare perfume of the sweet flower of beauty again
Let me run in the playful breeze of youth long gone with the wind
Let me sit for awhile by the place where I found the treasure of love
Then sing me a song as you fly me along on our long last journey above