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Selected song name: Loaded (short version)
Singer Name: G-Eazy
Lyrics written by: G-Eazy

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Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded

1-1-1-1-1, 2, 3, 4 bring some hoes and pour some mo
Creez so clean should I floss it yo
I really don't know but I'm creezin ho
I got b*t*hes, I got hoes
I got blocks, I got dough
I got b*t*hes, pullin' switches
On the block didn't you know
I be stunting, 100
Vans on, my-my pockets chunky
Wh-white b*t*h, snap back
D-dumb rich, with a tight a**
Kush-kush-kush up in the air, but my lungs clean
I got a white b*t*h, I call her baby lean
Cause she smokes that purple, that purple flower
She sucks my d**k
Every f**king hour

My n***as
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded
Yeah, my n***as
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I’m too drunk to walk, let’s drive
I got b*t*hes with me all night
And the party don’t start 'til the drugs arrive
She took a dive
I don’t lie about sh*t, I don’t shuck and jive
Watchin hoes kiss hoes got it up to five
Hollywood lesbos, Mulholland Drive
B-b-ba-bad b*t*hes, everywhere I look
This is not your beat no more bro, you must be mistook
I'mma-I'mma very bad man, I’m Captain Hook
G-g-g-g-got that dapper look, I’m banging Bridget after Brooke
Cause actin' shook will get your girlfriend smashed and took
When she gave me that nasty look, in came the pu**y crook
Now we do what we want, you can have her after
She kept saying G-Eazy is her favorite rapper

My b*t*h is
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded
Yeah, my b*t*h is
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded