Long Live Twin Lyrics

ELI Lyrics

See, my n***a be trappin' out abandoned buildings
We servin' that sh*t to the tenants
See, we both tryna go ahead and make a million, we just got some different agendas
When I fly to the city, I move like ghost
We tryna just go to the dentist
They don't know me and Twin independent
I ain't gon' see my Twin in a minute, it's crazy
See I'm out in L.A. on different occasions, I walk in the label like Reed
I got a b*t*h in the back, in the back of the Maybach, she f**kin' up all of my tees
I just go f**k up the mall and I leave
I got the paper up all up in my jeans
I can't f**k with thеse n***as, they ain't keep it G
I ain't pay for that lil' bitty b*t*h, she a frеak
Walk in the house full of junkies and we got a bag full of paraphernalia
I got a n***a done rappin', my n***a done trappin', he nun' but a killer
He make a n***a sing like Bryson Tiller, I tell ya
Pay the shooters and build a rebellion
Break it down and you get to the sellin'
For them n***as it's no tellin'
And I can't even f**k with you n***as, you n***as is sweet like some Skittles
I get that work from the plug and my dawg always some' like the man in the middle
You ain't f**kin' with me, n***a shut up
I ain't takin' them pictures and photos
I get racks in this sh*t on the low-low
I really ride with the sticks in the four-door
I really ride in the whip with the semi
I really ride until these n***as kill me
You know how I feel about losin' my feelings
Might f**k all the rap and go back to the dealin' sh*t
Look independent, I tell ya
Break it to pieces, then bag it and mail it
Judgin' by it she tryna send some to heaven
Look at the ice on my wrist and my face, I baguette it, we get it, we get it, we get 'em
All this paper might send him a message
For them n***as it's no tellin'
All this Molly won't heal all the stress
Neither will all this dope dealin'
I be shakin' this cold feelin'
I been tryna make more millions
Ain't no time for a hater
Might get the Hellcat and see n***as later, I tell ya
Wasn't supposed to see bro on the news
We catch a n***a and we let it boom , I tell ya
Freshest that came out the tomb , I tell ya
My n***as clear out the room
See I'm in this space on my own, I don't need all the fame, I'm just scared of this ghost
I ain't see my dawg in a minute, he makin' parole and we makin' a toast

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