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Selected song name: LongLiveJrox
Singer Name: EMC Senatra
Lyrics written by: EMC Senatra

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Yo Chris, pa** me the lighter right there
I remember when they took my brother
October 10th, 2015
Sh*t's f**ked up man

I'm looking back on every memory you ever left me
I reading back on every message that you ever sent me
I'm thinking back when we got high and got caught by your mom
I could have never pictured my life with you being gone
And when I see your number I wanna give you a call
But then it hurts me cause I know you won't answer at all
I'm acting strong but inside I can feel that I'm weak
And when I dream of heaven I can see you with your wings
And every day is getting harder but I getting through
Kicking back, thinking when I used to always chill with you
Smoking like a blunt or two, we would take em' to the face
Writing this I had to hold the tears from running down my face
And even though you're gone I still feel you with us
I still see you at the shows like if you're taking pictures
Now I get high to be in the sky with you
Sometimes I catch myself just wishing I died with you

I've been lost in these streets
It's been hard without you homie believe me
After all the things we've been through
I always thought I'd do it with you

See lately it's been hard for me to get you out my head
Smoking 'til my eyes are red, like what if I was dead
Cause I don't really know what hurts me the most
The fact you're gone or the fact that you would not see me grow
Into the artist you believed I'd be
You don't know what you mean to me
Cause when everyone doubted you were the one that believed in me
I've been lost and I don't know what to do
Cause when I seen you on TV I wished it wasn't the news
And when I'm cruising down Slauson I see me riding with you
And when I'm rolling this dolga just know I hit it for you
I just need to gain the strength to keep on pushing without you
You'll always be my brother I'll never forget about you

I've been lost in these streets
It's been hard without you homie believe me