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Lose Yourself song lyrics are written by G Fredo

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Selected song name: Lose Yourself
Singer Name: G Fredo
Lyrics written by: G Fredo

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Turn me the f**k up, n***a im back out here man
N***as thought I wasn't coming back n***a?
What? n***as thought I wasn't coming back?
Got me f**ked up

Aye man Frizzblock Fredo in this sh*t
I ain't even gotta say to much
Been through a lot this year
Man that sh*t dont break me though
Body for body, eye for an eye
We gon keep this sh*t coming n***a

Verse 1:
Look, used to post up on the block just me and Twop n***a
If anybody spin them b*t*hes gonna see why n***a
Big a** .40 in my briefs can't wait to test it
Got a problem then address it
Feel like Rico with the wesson
Brodie told me "want respect up in these streets? You'll have to prove yourself"
And you gon losе a lot, but n***a make sure you dont lose yoursеlf
Glizzy 35, 22 shots by that gucci belt
And if they slide past let them fly fast
Shoot the whip up bet that n***a die fast
Everybody know my shottas all strapped
Run into em they gon give you all that
Mask up, we need gloves all that
Extra clips for the jakes all that
Taking n***as on a chase all that
So much f**k sh*t made a n***a fall back
Catch you ima send you where your dogs at
So much dead opps, sh*t, a n***a lost track
Never fold never tell what you saw
Heard that lil n***a told, pick him off
Shottas on him, chase him down get him gone
Everybody hit the ground, b*t*h its on
Ears ringing, .40 sound like a bomb
And I put it on my mom everytime I leave the crib she know its on me
I ain't bout to just end up another body
N***a try me gon be body after body
Know a lot n***as want me
They can't get me they gon need a f**king army
B*t*h we strapped up like an army
Ain't no n***a f**king with us we the hottest
HSM the trending topic
And no we dont squash sh*t
Catch you leave him laying with the dog sh*t
Say you looking for me? no you not b*t*h
Pull up on me come and catch this hot sh*t
Bend throught Norton come and get ya car flipped
Little stupid opp b*t*h
N***as know how the f**k we rocking
If he mashed him we probably popped him
Tried to spin, Mookie got to sparking
Made that b*t*h a** lil n***a stop it
How you catch me lacking if I'm still here?
Got big sh*t that'll kill bears
Yall b*t*h n***as ain't like that
Got a .30 how you gon fight that?
Have him milly rocking in the backseat
Now we dippin, spinning through these back streets
Have ya homie runnin like a track meet
It get slow for him when I pop up
Didn't go to school, so I dropped out
Caught me coming out and got boxed out
I ain't never ducking no reck b*t*h
Everytime I shoot I make a mess b*t*h
When that glizzy locked up that sh*t was hectic
Everyday was out here tryna stretch sh*t
Rather kill before I be a victim then go spend my life up in the prison
Since a shorty I ain't never listen
Teachers said i'll wind up in the prison
Hanging with the wrong crowd
Young and dumb they used to tell me slow down
But I ain't ever slow down
F**k it n***a cuz i'm grown now
And ima kill em all if it go down