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Selected song name: Love Supreme
Singer Name: Eryn Allen Kane
Lyrics written by: Eryn Allen Kane

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Because their anger is not ours to carry
Their bullets or brokenness
Because hopeless is not our horizon
Because healing is a duty and obligation
Because God is a holy action
A woman who changes with weather because
In between, we dance
Because times are hard and we are timeless
Because we cherish the groove and the ground we walk on
Water and wishes well-worn
Because we suffer without defeat
Refusing to be destroyed
Because we miracle and magic, charm and spell
Because we forgive but never forget
We know justice isn't determined by a judge
Because karma never dies
For the wizards and ways of our defiance
Visions of our rising risen selves
Overcoming grace, fire spitter tongues wise as rickety rocking chairs
Suffering salt and sand skies in memories unshackled
Shining st**ches on a stretch-marked harp
For the flowers that bloom in midnight scars
How we suffered a sought a North Star when there was no light
We glowed and sparked
We glowed and sparked
This rejoice, this righteous delght
This reunion, a longing to be held
The endless embrace
We got a cause to take joy in
How we weathered and persisted
Tenacious, no stone unturned
Moon shining, shared laughter
Patience, smiles, reminiscing on first times, mistakes, and unrequited loves
Playful and fresh
Kinfolk codes of cool, calm, and copacetic
How we witnessed the horror of mankind
And did not become that which horrified us
A love supreme