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Lucis Daemons song lyrics are written by Eddy Baker

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Selected song name: Lucis Daemons
Singer Name: Eddy Baker
Lyrics written by: Eddy Baker

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Wake up and roll up a O
Pull up your bud to your door
You know that my n***as in tow
trained to go
I keep me some drugs in the dash
I keep me some cash in my stash
Healthy Boyz flexing hard
Making my haters so mad
I hustle from sun down to sun up
Getting the bread with the b***er
Eddy Baker little b*t*h
One bad motherf**ker
If you need drugs I could sell that
B*t*h I be fresh like I sell crack
Could sell you a
in my Air Max

You wear jewelry I wear heirlooms
I put jewelry in my living room
in my bedroom
Watch me pull her in that tippy drippy
This ain't ice off in my cup its frozen jerry jewels
Criss cross canary cherry berry every jewel
Every time I pull up she say "I see you"
And right before I pull off she say "I need you"

B*t*h I don't

No, I can't see you

B*t*h I won't greet you
I just discreet you
Like b*t*h boy better run when I speak up

I got b*t*hes used to f**k me tryna kleep up
I got power in my

If you ain't talking