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Selected song name: Lyrical Wars
Singer Name: Juls
Lyrics written by: Juls

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Ayo Juls let the record play, shots getting fired
Better duck for the ricochets, I’m jack with the rippers’ blade
Killing rappers just for play, all of y’all are protégés
All these nighas talking about dues must’ve overpaid
Please pause the applause and listen as I perform
This musical poem in an intricate form
The lyrics just swarm, no gimmicks just raw image of force
The critics fail to admit it but he’s the image of God
I’ve been in this since the beginning just killing em
Spitting the venomous elements in and just letting
These nighas that think they can run it just blaah blaah
I build every sentence and fill with rhetoric’s, yes!
Taking no sentiments deep into retrospect
That I still am the best!
I take am bookor bookor like Odokor straight to Chokor
Trotro coming down like Mpray3so come
I rep for the Game and I do it cos I’m Awesome!
So if you no dey like my style my nigha f**k off!
HipHop no be violent It’s just a form of expression
Some people take it personal and then they start stressing
But the fans are tired; they want something that’s interesting
A breath of fresh air, you know, but something that’s just truly refreshing
So inhale, exhale. There’s no rapper to test Real
If they vex then I guess beef is about to be your last meal
At this moment I know most of you rappers feeling tough
But let me tell you that ain't one of you rapper that’s ill enough
The skill that I posses defeats the best of the best
Not to speak of the desperate rest yet to past their tests
C-Real is a motherf**king b*st*rd. Yes!
When it comes to this I’m like a f**king grand master at Chess
So don’t play me for no motherf**king checker piece, please
When it comes to ripping mics I’m probably the best emcee