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Selected song name: MACHIAVELLI
Singer Name: Eryn Allen Kane
Lyrics written by: Eryn Allen Kane

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Uh, back to reclaim my throne
I’m the prince of the city, young Machiavelli
Staged my own death, outwitted my adversaries
From the land of Larry Hoover where they bury shooters
I’m shining hard, Stanley Kubrick, we don’t live by the law
Two-time felony charge, gun-toting
Smoke 'em like Lamar, ball like a young Odom
Where crack hit the Chi the same year as Michael Jordan
My trap phone got more rings than Robert Horry
I got a story, make Shakespeare say, "That’s tragic"
Speak my mind, I got a bad habit
Became a hazard to my health like Corona to an asthmatic
I Roc like the old Jay but I’m a backstabber
Cause I Un’d myself, I got better sh*t on albums
I shelfed than sh*t that you went platinum off
Too fly for my own good, it’s my albatross
I’m a beast boy, I just love to self-sabotage
Pu**y n***as talking down, v***** monologue
I ain’t running, but I’m tired of y’all
I could call Farrakhan or I could get you tatted
On the limbs of your friends, have 'em crying like Kavanaugh
Back on my bully, don’t be a matador
This ain’t no red flag, shooters in red rags, looters in Hermes
Mask on, you still see I’m the future
But I had to learn not to judge a man by his past, so that’s all I ask

Uh, young Machiavelli
Still alive across the belly
Uh, lemme get it back

Uh, Lake Shore Drive with the top back, rocking Y Project
With my ride or die b*t*h, n***a where The LOX at?
Had so many conflicts, that sh*t got crucial
I was really fighting for freedom like Desmond Tutu
Sh*t is like apartheid if you seen the Southside
No upward mobility, they got n***as paralyzed
Paper planes snapback, shout to Em and Ty-Ty
Yeah, I did a rock album, that’s cause I’m a rock star
I’m from where the Moes push rocks like the tomb of Jesús
To put new 22’s on they coupe
Selling D, ducking 12, undercovers looking for proof
I push off the roof like Bishop in Juice
A window in my reality
Two-parent household from an immigrant family
Middle-cla** salaries on 47th Street by the Stones
Where they move white out the house same block as Obama’s home
Uh, born alone, die alone, it’s still SAVEMONEY
I take that to the grave with me, the game’s funny
A n***a went from robbing in the hood
To the Robin Hood of Englewood, I'm feedin' n***as
They produced these circ*mstances by beatin' n***as
Mistreatin' and misleadin' n***as
We the n***as jumped ship, did some underwater breathin', n***a
Why I gotta live my death 'fore they believe a n***a?

Still alive
Alive, yeah yeah
Still alive
Alive, yeah yeah

Alive, yeah yeah
I'm still alive
I'm still alive